Our types is a creative studio that believes in the power of words. We create impact one letter at a time.

Offering both fonts, merchandise, and bespoke brand-artist collaborations, OT creates concepts with unique strong identities, reflecting our client’s values.

We work with leading artists around the world to harness their creativity, manifest distinct styles, and celebrate the best of letterforms.

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Globally established artist ben eine is regarded as a pioneer in the exploration of letterforms.

With a career expanding over 30 years, Eine has an extensive portfolio of fonts and a sharp eye for typography, colour palettes and visual identity.

London-based, but with works celebrated worldwide – from innumerous streets around the globe to high-end boutiques, to the white house – Ben Eine founded OurTypes to connect companies and individuals with the art of typography from his personal catalogue and beyond.

As a result, Eine’s creative studio has become a window to some of the best talents in the field, whose expertise in typography continue to mark the creative world.

For more on Ben Eine, visit einesigns.com

If you would like to collaborate on a project, drop us a line… studio@ourtypes.com