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Ayako Rokkaku, live

Ayako Rokkaku, live

Off Leash, a duo exhibition by Travis Fish and Ricardo Passaporte features works that are playful, disruptive and push against the boundaries of contemporary art.

It's incredible to think how far we've come. There was a time when the notion of smoking cannabis without fear of arrest was, well, a pipe dream. Nowadays, there are 47 countries worldwide that allow its use for medical purposes. And more and more nations are legalising it for recreational use, including Canada, Malta, Mexico, South Africa and Thailand.

So where an art series titled 'Bong Paintings' might once have created outrage and protest, nowadays it's just parred from the course. This means we can all be a bit more adult about things and actually focus on the art itself.

This collection of works by American painter Travis Fish forms part a duo show with Portuguese artist Ricardo Passaporte, titled Off Leash, which is taking place at OMNI in London W1. And this dynamic and playful exhibition is getting a lot of attention, thanks partly to the international success both creatives have recently enjoyed.

International buzz

Ricardo has gained rapid recognition for his uninhibited, acidic and compelling works, which often explore branding, advertising, and consumerism, themes inspired by his time studying fashion design before his career pivoting to art. His series of paintings inspired by the retail chain Lidl saw his reputation soar, leading to several successful exhibitions in LA, Paris, Madrid and Naples.